Accelerated Collaboration

Dementia is one of the most challenging health problems, affecting 670,000 in the UK, with 21million of us knowing a friend or relative with dementia.

We worked with the MRC and the Dementias Platform team, to develop a brand identity that would engage a mixed range of stakeholders, ranging from the general public, to industry and scientific experts.

The new Dementia Platform brand needed to instantly signify subject matter and convey the idea at the very heart of the DPUK, partnership and sharing.

The big idea – Accelerated Collaboration.

The creative solution here, covers off both of those aims, with the network points in the brain image representing the exact number of founding partners of the DPUK.

It also gives a nod to the neural pathways that make cogent thought, an everyday reality for the healthy human.

We delivered –

Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand Guidelines
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design