Climate action with every transaction.


An ethical FinTech brand to galvanise customers and investors alike

Breaking the mould on how everyday digital banking should operate, Zero Bank’s bold commitment to protecting our planet impressed us.

We were invited by the company Co-Founder to build upon their existing thinking and develop a powerful new brand and visual identity.

As an ethical business start-up in its early stages of growth, it was vital that we developed a coherent brand visual identity for Zero Bank that would resonate equally with their key target audience of generation Zero, as well as funders and venture capitalists.

The brand needed to be conspicuous in a competitive market, with a concept powerful enough to stand out during critical funding rounds.


Working together with the C0-Founder and the senior team, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy and brand guidelines, along with a new visual identity and style.

Remaining faithful to the values and commitment of Zero Bank to protecting the planet, we developed a visual suite representing land, sea and sky, with colour tones to align.

It was important that we develop a brand that would assimilate across digital platforms such as desktop and mobile website and an app avatars and icons, as well as tangible assets such as bank cards.

The concept was rolled out across a complete suite of digital assets.

Client Perspective

“As a young, ambitious business, operating in a hugely competitive market, we knew that a distinctive brand was important. Stills have been instrumental in crystalising the thinking that had already taken place around our brand look and feel. Through their collaborative and creative approach, Stills have delivered a brand strategy and visual identity for us that powerfully speaks to our commitment to protecting our planet and all of what we stand for. We look forward to continuing to work with Stills as Zero continues to grow and evolve”.

Richard Theo, CEO and C0-Founder, Zero 

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