It's a Family Thing

Brief – Family first

Respond Healthcare deliver more than a prescription and dispensing service to the stoma and continence care community.

They provide a supportive network, both online and in-person, that connects, informs and cares.

Having worked in partnership with Respond for a number years on branding, visual design, photography and marketing assets, we were delighted to be asked to develop and deliver a campaign on their behalf, from conception to completion.

Respond’s aim was to increase subscribers to their dispensing service and we were determined to help this happen with a creative, customer-centric campaign.


We started by holding conversations, internally, with the Respond Service Team, and then with customers themselves. We wanted to learn more about the existing customer experience, and how ostomates felt about the service they received from Respond.

The customer’s sense of belonging and personal connection to Respond and their team was striking. We knew that this would become the central theme to the campaign.

Existing customers felt cared for, looked after, and the personalised service they received was clearly Respond’s strength. There was a palpable family connection to the brand, and the service that customers received.

Applying this insight, we developed the campaign concept, title and strapline – It’s a Family Thing.

Keeping customers at the heart of the campaign, we started by capturing the authentic, positive testimony of their experience on video, shooting a series of interviews. We also directed a photoshoot to capture our real life users in a relaxed everyday environment.

We developed all campaign artwork, visual identity and applied this to online and offline advertising and marketing assets, including videos and exhibition stand collateral.

Our designers carried this application through to direct mail materials and the online campaign presence, which included a landing page which enabled new customers to sign-up directly.

The campaign call-to-action was amplified using targeted social media assets in the same design.