The road to better.

Car repair specialists have unquestionable mechanical expertise, experience and skills, but first hand knowledge of the fleet industry? Not always.

With vast operational knowledge of the market, our client created a new business model to perfectly fit the industry and needed a new brand to match their ambition.

The fleet hire car business is all about keeping cars on the road. If they are off road, being repaired, then they are not making any money.

Following a brand and naming workshop, we created a new positioning and big idea – keeping you moving. Simple, and straight to the core of their business.

A new name, komoo followed. Memorable and fresh, with a boot full of personality, supported by the strapline, the road to better.

The workshop uncovered intricate insights into how the industry works. What matters most beyond the fleet being on the road? Communication.

The outcome was an ‘in your face’ bold approach that communicated key messages and services. A vibrant colour palette was developed alongside key messaging that was packed with personality, outlining komoo’s service offering that enables the brand to communicate across a variety of marketing outputs.

We delivered –

Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Tone of Voice
Brand Guidelines
Web Design
Social Media Assets