Inspired by Humans

Moventi is a furniture supplier based in the South West. They have a reputation for stylish furniture, great value and exceptional service. Moventi felt that they weren’t conveying their personality and brand values strongly enough to their target audiences. In a very competitive sector, their message had been unable to penetrate in the way they would have liked, so standout was not being achieved.

To clearly tell the Moventi story and their values. We had to create a strong brand identity visually and define a clear tone of voice. It was vital we cut through the noise, to allow Moventi to talk to its audience directly with a clear message. We also needed to reflect their own personality, passion and wealth of experience within this sector.

Bringing the heart of their business to life with a recognisable brand design, identity and focus, based on the personable and very human approach to their work. They recognise each client as an individual and believe strongly in clear communication and understanding of their specific requirements . The result is branding that is clear and easy to understand, both internally and externally, a defined tone of voice, and an extremely personal visual identity.

We delivered a package of marketing assets which also provides the team with the ability to present the brand positively in all areas of marketing activity.

We delivered –

Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Tone of Voice
Brand Guidelines
Social Media Assets