Safe and secure environments.

Keeping our industrial, commercial and public spaces clean and safe is a number one priority. Doing this whilst avoiding disruption to the day-to-day running of businesses is even more important.

As an expert innovator in their field, facilities management specialists MSS needed bold photography, a refined tone of voice and materials to reflect their confidence, knowledge and pride in their work.

We developed a striking photography style, capturing images that focused on the people alongside abstract close-ups and industrial environments. Featuring both bright, daylight shots and darker, ominous images, the suite showcased the often risky yet vital work they were undertaking.

Their fleet of vehicles were revitalised with a vibrant, abstract pattern to make them turn heads on both the road and on location.

To refine their language, we reimagined documents of industry jargon into eye-catching visual journeys, detailing the MSS process and promise from start to finish. Housed in concertina brochures, their customers could clearly understand how their relationship with MSS would unfold as they moved across the page.

Case studies were optimised to highlight their incredible work to prospective clients, pairing strong vertical text with tinted photography to tell their stories.

We delivered –

Brand Positioning
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Tone of Voice