Join the Movement


Launching life-enhancing design

At the forefront of stoma care in the UK, Pelican Healthcare are pioneers in the design and production of medical products.

Pelican developed a new, revolutionary stoma bag with one aim – to enhance the quality of life of ostomates.

We were invited on board to deliver a fully integrated new product launch.


We began by convening workshops with Pelican Healthcare’s Senior Leadership, Product Design, Customer Engagement and Marketing teams, to gain detailed insight into the business and its wider proposition to the ostomate healthcare market.

Armed with this, and a detailed product brief, we were asked to explore the new product naming, packaging design and to develop a launch campaign to introduce it to the market.

It became clear to us that this launch demanded more than a promotional campaign, we wanted to create a movement – a movement to significantly improve the quality of life of ostomates.

We asked the product’s key stakeholders, the prescribing stoma nurses from across the UK, to ‘Join the Movement’.

The campaign visuals were carried through across all campaign collateral that we produced– launch video, posters, brochures, leaflets, badges, sample products, and PowerPoint presentation slide deck templates.

Engaging directly with nurses, we developed and delivered a branded launch parcel gifted to all nurses, each containing sample products, awareness literature and an exclusive access code that linked in with sales teams’ appointments.

We led on the creation of the campaign manifesto and the development and content of the campaign microsite.

Designing awareness materials exclusively for ostomates also meant that they could learn more about the unique, innovative product benefits. All materials included an empowering call to action to request that the new stoma bag be made available to them via their stoma nurse, further increasing demand for the innovative product.

Social media influencers were provided with samples, and campaign materials, further amplifying the product benefits to individual ostomates across the UK.

As a result of the ‘Join the Movement’ campaign, Pelican experienced an exceptional upsurge in demand for their revolutionary stoma bag.