Beyond data

Safe, secure and accessible. Sharing human data research is both a sensitive and challenging subject.

SeRP is the future of health and wellbeing research in a safe, secure and trusted environment in partnership with Swansea University.

Because it’s more than simply accessing data, our big idea went further, it went ‘beyond data’ – created and developed as a direct result of the brand workshop.

We positioned SeRP UK as leaders in human statistical research in a contemporary, engaging and more relevant manner.

The workshop uncovered intricate insights into how the data is created, stored and shared – and more importantly – how it will be used, creating a strategy to take SeRP into the market.

Beyond data was the idea, and data being the product, the outcome and effect became paramount to the creative.

Using real people as the focus, we supplemented this by creating a tessellating pattern based on data base iconography. This added a depth of science to the accessible human imagery.

These assets allowed for multiple executions that tell a story across various marketing outputs.

We delivered –

Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand Guidelines
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design